About The Course

In this course, instructor Mohsin Rizvee has taught how to create a television commercial and has described the main essential and important key aspects of it. After going through the course you will be able to create a television ad.

About Mohsin Rizvee

The passion to take the best shot when it came to Film-Making had always been there. The courage and determination to face all odds whatever be the challenges, further steeled the resolve. The international exposure by traveling abroad and interacting with some of the world’s best Producers, Directors, Cameramen, Production, Post Production Houses, Musicians, Models, Director of Photography and Technicians only expanded his regional as well as his global vision. And above all, a never-say-die attitude threw him to the toughest challenges that were far beyond expectations, yielding results and laurels. That’s Mohsin Rizvee, the man who dreamt about it all of starting his own Film Production Company.

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